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Panini SCORE SERIE A 2022-23 Fat Box

Panini SCORE SERIE A 2022-23 Fat Box

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Panini SCORE SERIE A 2022-23 Fat Box

The Panini SCORE SERIE A 2022-23 Fat Case collection is a real treat for football fans around the world. Each Panini Mega Pack Fat Box contains 12 Fat Pack sachets of 30 Panini cards each, for a total of 360 football cards for each box. This collection offers football fans the opportunity to collect cards of their favorite players from the Italian Serie A championship, with sensational action photos of all the stars of the most contested league in the world.

The basic set of the Serie A Score 2022-23 collection is made up of 200 cards, with 6 different types of parallels exclusive to the Fat Box: Lasers, Blue Lasers (#'d/60), Orange Lasers (#'d/35 ), Purple Lasers (#'d/15), Green Lasers (#'d/5), and Black Lasers (#'d/1). These cards offer a variety of images, including basic cards, specialty cards, insert cards and more. Base cards feature images of Italian football stars in action on the pitch, while specialty cards feature exclusive versions of the same stars, such as autographed cards or game patch cards. Insertion cards feature up-and-coming players or highlights from the football season, giving you the opportunity to round out your collection with unique, hard-to-find cards.

Plus, each Fat Box contains a guaranteed special card, such as an autographed card or a game patch card, making your collection even more special. Thanks to the sensational action photos of Italian football stars, you will be able to relive the most exciting moments of the football season and complete your collection with unique and special cards.

In every Panini SCORE SERIE A 2022-23 Fat Box in media, you will find:

- 24 card inserts , including Breakthrough, All Hands Team, Hot Rookies, Score Team and Captain
- 24 parallels of which 4 are numbered

Have fun finding super-rare Parallel Cards in 6 color varieties and, if you're super lucky, you might find the SCORE SIGNATURES of true football legends like VAN BASTEN , NESTA and MALDINI , or world champions like CABRINI , BERGOMI and TONI or maybe idols of today's fans like DYBALA , GIROUD and ZAPATA .



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