BaruZcard: your online store dedicated to the TCG world

BaruZcard is where your passion for TCG collectible playing cards finds its ideal context: explore the TCG collectible cards and accessories shop , inside you will find single playing cards and boxes dedicated to Dragon Ball , Pokémon , Flesh and Blood , and then Yu-Gi-Oh , Magic , Digimon and many other TCG games . Our section dedicated to accessories offers many solutions to protect your collectibles and preserve them optimally.

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  • one-piece-tcg - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori

    One Piece

    Crew! Everyone boarding with the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. Will he find the treasure and become the new king of pirates?

  • Dragonball

    Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and the others: they are all there in the collection of decks, boxes and special Dragon Ball products!

  • Menu-Yu-Gi-oh - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori


    Boxes, decks and collections: a set of Yu-Gi-Oh collectible memorabilia for fans of the card game, manga and anime.

  • menu-flesh-and-blood - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori

    Flesh and Blood

    Boosters in limited editions, real pearls for Flesh and Blood fans. Visit the dedicated section.

  • menu-digimon - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori


    The digivolution of a story that goes from manga to anime and then cult: discover the decks, boxes and special Digimon collections!

  • menu-pokemon - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori


    Single cards, boxes, packs, trainer sets and many other items and gadgets from the Pokémon universe: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

  • menu-oltre-il-tcg-2 - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori

    Beyond the TCG & Other TCGs

    Other TCGs, Wearable Gadgets, Action Figures, Funko and much, much more. The area reserved for true connoisseurs!

  • Menu-accessori - BaruZcard Tcg & Accessori


    Albums, hard protectors and sleeves, deckboxes, official playmats. You can't visit BaruZcard without going through the Accessories section!



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BaruZcard – A project by Marco Baruzzo

BaruZcard was born almost for fun (and how could it be otherwise).

One day I open a drawer of those that usually, for some reason, always remain closed. Inside I find my old album of Pokémon and Magic playing cards, I get lost leafing through it, I smile at all the memories it brings back to me.

I select some cards, the ones I have always been particularly attached to, I keep them for myself and I decide to put the others up for sale. Here's the trigger: the first, casual trades allow me to make friends with great enthusiasts in the sector, who also rekindle in me that fire that I thought had gone out.

In February 2021 I launched PokéBaruz , later modified into the current BaruZcard, the e-commerce platform I dedicate myself to today: an online store where I can find cards and collectibles from the TCG world, but also a virtual place that allows me to get to know people who have the same passion as me.

The BaruZcard logo was born from the fusion of Love, pride and passion for this world and inside you will find Lux ​​in the manga version which represents Baruz's 4-legged friend!

For information, collaborations and proposals, you can contact me via the form!


BaruZcard was also born thanks to two collaborations that allowed the project to grow. Today BaruZcard is an official Pokémon Prestige partner and a Station Point.

Have you seen what they think of Baruz?

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