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Zenit Regale Special Art Tin Assortment Trio ENG

Zenit Regale Special Art Tin Assortment Trio ENG

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The Pokémon TCG: Zenit Royal Collector Tin is a product that offers the opportunity to acquire powerful rare and special Pokémon cards, such as Charizard, which appears as both Pokémon-V ASTRO and Shiny Pokémon. The Galar Gallery is a collection of vibrant illustrations that showcase Pokémon in all their glory.

The Tin contains a promotional card of Galar-V Articuno / Moltres / Zapdos, featuring these iconic Pokémon in their Galar-V form, with unique abilities and moves. Additionally, there are four Pokemon TCG: Royal Zenit booster packs, which each contain ten cards, including common, uncommon, and rare cards. Rare cards include Pokémon-V, Pokémon-VMAX, and other special cards.

Additionally, the Tin includes a code card for the Pokemon TCG Live, which allows players to unlock cards and other special content in online play. With the Pokémon TCG: Royal Zenith Collector Tin, Pokémon fans will have access to a wide range of powerful and rare cards, which can be used to build competitive decks and face other players around the world.

The Pokémon TCG: Royal Zenith Collector's Tin contains:

  • A promotional card of Articuno / Moltres / Zapdos from Galar-V
  • Four booster packs from the Pokemon TCG: Royal Zenith expansion
  • A code card for the Pokemon Live TCG

RELEASE DATE 17/03/2023

Produced in English

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