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Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck Fire Kings Re Fuoco Reloaded First Edition Italian

Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck Fire Kings Re Fuoco Reloaded First Edition Italian

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Melt the snow and ice this December with a revamped Fire Kings Structure Deck!

Intensify the power of your Deck with new Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards that unleash the true destructive power of Fire King Great Garunix High Avatar!
Here's some of what you can expect:

● A new version of Fire King High Garunix High Avatar enters the battlefield! It can rise from the ashes (or fly down from your hand) whenever one of your FIRE monsters is destroyed, then increase its ATK by consuming another monster from your hand, Deck, or field. Use this to activate the effects of other "Fire King" monsters or to devise combo tactics with other FIRE monsters!

● A new Continuous Spell Card that can place Fire King Island directly from your Deck into your Field Zone! It also protects your Field Card from destruction and allows you to Xyz Summon during your opponent's turn if they Special Summon a monster. There's even a new Trap Card to prepare materials for Xyz Summoning, summoning 3 FIRE monsters - one from the hand, one from the Deck, and one from the Graveyard.

● A new Rank 8 Xyz Monster that shines brightest in a "Fire King" Deck, but can be Summoned using 2 Level 8 monsters as materials, so you can include this card in many other strategies! If it is Xyz Summoned, you can instantly reduce all other monsters on the field to ashes! After dealing with monsters, also destroy a Spell or Trap Card, increasing your monster's ATK! You'll also find another chance to get popular cards that can help you take your existing Deck to the next level!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck Fire Kings Reloaded First Edition Italian contains:

  • 48 total cards , of which 40 common, 3 super rare and 5 ultra rare
  • 1 Duelist's Guide with Playmat on the back
  • 1st EDITION
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