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Ultimate Guard Superhive 550+ XenoSkin Monocolor

Ultimate Guard Superhive 550+ XenoSkin Monocolor

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Ultimate Guard Superhive 550+ XenoSkin Monocolor

Our Superhive offers space for everything you'll need during your gaming encounters. With compartments for multiple cases, two play mats and accessories, the Superhive gives you endless uses. Ideal in combination with our Sidewinders, you can fit up to 550+ double-sleeved cards, 650+ single-sleeved cards, or 1100+ standard-sized sleeveless cards into the box.* ZnapClaw, our strong, in-house developed magnetic closure, holds the Superhive always closed.

Some examples of what it may contain:

- 5x Sidewinder 80+ or ​​4x Sidewinder 100+ plus additional storage
- 5x Boulder 100+ or ​​6x Boulder 80+ or ​​7x Boulder 60+ or ​​11x Boulder 40+
- Over 550 double sleeve cards or over 650 single sleeve cards or over 1100 single sleeve cards*
- 2x Flip'n'Tray 80+ or ​​5x Flip Deck Case 80+ or ​​4x Flip'n'Tray 100+ plus additional storage space
- 230+ Top Loaders (standard size, 12 mil)
- 5x Deck Case 100+ or ​​6x Deck Case 80+ plus additional storage

- Designed for 550 standard size double sleeved or 650 single sleeved cards
- Designed for two play mats
- Modular design to store a variety of Ultimate Guard products
- Convenient to carry multiple decks
- Easy access
- Great for the cube
- Durable Xenoskin material
- Single color design with quality microfiber inner lining
- Strong magnetic closure with additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism

Dimensions approx. 406 x 199 x 90 mm
Main compartment (internal dimension) approx. 400 x 70 x 80 mm
Playmat Tray (internal dimension) approx. 361 x 70 x 81 mm
Dice tray (internal dimension) approx. 70 x 80 x 33 mm

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