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Pokemon Chilling Reign Box 36 boosters EN

Pokemon Chilling Reign Box 36 boosters EN

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Pokemon Chilling Reign Box 36 boosters EN

Take the lead with Pokémon from the frozen wastes, ghost infestations, encroaching blizzards, and merciless battles. Expand the domain of your strategies with Pokémon with incredible new powers. Harness the unstoppable power of the 15 Pokémon V in this expansion, including Liepard V, Metagross V, Zeraora V, and more. Some of these incredible Pokémon even have Battle Styles. Choose whether to claim victory with Quick Strike or Single Strike Pokémon! Unleash your full potential with the eight Pokémon VMAX in this expansion, including Sandaconda, Blaziken, and Celebi. The Sand Snake Pokémon even has an exclusive Gigantamax form that will spice up your encounters.

Each sachet of Chilling Reign Box contains:

  • 10 Cards per pack
  • Take a subzero trip!
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