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Pokèmon Booster Box Crown Zenith By BaruZ ENG

Pokèmon Booster Box Crown Zenith By BaruZ ENG

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Pokemon Booster Box Crown Zenith By BaruZ ENG

The new Pokemon year is off to a great start with the launch of the Crown Zenith Booster Box! This expansion features a wide variety of Pokémon, including regular Pokémon, V, VMAX, and V ASTRO, along with new Supporter cards to enrich the game. Inside the Galar Gallery you can find Mewtwo-V ASTRO and Darkrai-V ASTRO, both incredibly powerful and rare.

However, unlike the classic Booster Boxes of 36 sachets, a Box is not provided for Zenit Regale as it is a special set. But don't worry, we have what true collectors need: our personalized 36-pack Booster Box to unpack the set!

Don't miss the opportunity to expand your Pokémon collection with the new Regal Zenit set, full of exclusive cards and rare Pokémon. Buy our personalized Booster Box now and immerse yourself in an endless Pokemon adventure!

Here is the Booster Box of 36 made by to get the set!

The Crown Zenith By BaruZ ENG Box will contain:

- 36 booster packs of the Crown Zenith expansion

- A special secret promotional card

- A pack of mystery-themed Sleeves!

So be careful! It is not a pre-printed product from the pokèmon company!

It is not a collector's item but created to ensure that this special set is unpacked like a normal expansion!

Pre-order 01.20.2023


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