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Temporal Paradox Lunaruggente ITA Champion Trainer Set

Temporal Paradox Lunaruggente ITA Champion Trainer Set

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Explore the Time Paradox with the Scarlet & Violet Moonroar Elite Trainer Set

With the Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Set: Time Paradox, you can immerse yourself in the world of Time Paradox and add new Pokémon, Trainer cards and exclusive accessories to your collection.

In this expansion,

  • Pokémon from the past and future collide in an epic battle!
  • new Teracristal cards shine with beauty and power!
  • the Star Player Trainer Set includes everything you need to create a tournament deck!

The Roaring Moon Time Paradox Trainer Set contains:

  • 9 packs of 10 cards each from the Scarlet & Violet: Time Paradox expansion
  • 1 full-art promotional card dedicated to a Past Time Pokémon
  • 65 protective sleeves with the image of Moonroar
  • Energy cards, a player guide, dice, tokens and a collector's box!

Italian language

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