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One Piece Pillars of Strength Box OP03

One Piece Pillars of Strength Box OP03

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One Piece Pillars of Strength Box OP03

Crew! Everyone boarding! After the success of JAP and the first edition Romance Dawn, one piece Pillard of Strength is available for pre-order

A third Pillars of Strength themed booster!

It also includes a variety of cards that can improve your decks

Product Configuration One Piece Pillars of Strength Box OP03

Pack: 12 cards + 1 Index (DON card!!)
Box: 24 Pack
Houses: 12 Boxes


1. Featuring characters from Water 7, East Blue, Big Mam Pirates!
Also includes a number of cards that can enhance the deck to be released simultaneously!
2. Enhancing the decks to be released simultaneously and including new combinations of multicolored leaders!
Adding a new range of strategies through combos never seen before!
3. New parallel design cards from OP-03? This first edition includes 4 types of cards with the most requested WANTED design!

Pack: 12 Cards + 1 Index(DON!! Card)
Display: 24 Packs
Case: 12 Displays

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