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Legend of the Crystal Beasts - Structure Deck (ITA - 1st Edition)

Legend of the Crystal Beasts - Structure Deck (ITA - 1st Edition)

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Legend of the Crystal Beasts - Structure Deck (ITA - 1st Edition)

Light and power in this Legend of the Crystal Beasts deck is a deck of pure splendor . Enter battle with a beloved strategy: that of the Crystal Beasts .

  • 46 Cards per deck, with 5 Ultra Rare Cards!
  • 1 Game Mat / Duelist's Guide and 3 Tokens included
  • In First Edition

List of cards in the deck:

Italian name English name
Carbuncle Ruby Crystal Beast Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
Emerald Turtle Crystal Beast Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
Crystal Beast Tiger Topaz Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
Amber Mammoth Crystal Beast Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
Cobalt Eagle Crystal Beast Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Crystal Beast Pegasus Sapphire Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
Dark Rainbow Dragon Rainbow Dark Dragon
Master of Crystals Crystal Master
Holder of Crystals Crystal Keeper
Hamon, Lord of Crashing Thunder Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
Dimensional Scroller Dimension Shifter
Contact "C" Contact "C"
Ash Blossom & Joyful Spring Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
Beautiful Ghost & Haunted Manor Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
Awakening of the Crystal Finals Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates
Crystal Aegis Crystal Aegis
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge
Crystal Temptation Crystal Beacons
Crystal Blessing Crystal Blessing
Abundance of Crystals Crystal Abundance
Crystal Promise Crystal Promise
Crystal Tree Crystal Tree
Crystal Release Crystal Release
Rare value Rare Value
Rainbow refraction Rainbow Refraction
Advanced Darkness Advanced Dark
The Melody of the Waking Dragon The Melody of Awakening Dragon
Beni's Silly Burial Foolish Burial Goods
Cosmic Cyclone Cosmic Cyclone
Crystal Benefit Crystal Boon
Crystal Miracle Crystal Miracle
Crystal brilliance Crystal Brilliance
Crystal Pair Crystal Pair
Crystal Conclave Crystal Conclave
Final Crystal Magic Ultimate Crystal Magic
Against Gemma Counter Gem
Ferret Flames Ferret Flames
Metaverse Metaverse
Rainbow Dragon Rainbow Dragon
Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Superguide Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive
Rainbow Supradragon Rainbow Overdragon
Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Bridge of the Heart Rainbow Bridge of the Heart
Crystal Bond Crystal Bond
Jesse Anderson - Bonder with the Crystal Beasts Jesse Anderson - Bonder with the Crystal Beasts
Jesse and Ruby - Unleashing the Legend Jesse and Ruby - Unleashing the Legend
Crystal Beast Tokens Crystal Beast Tokens

Release Date: 09/29/2022

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