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Digimon Box Blast Ace BT14

Digimon Box Blast Ace BT14

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Digimon Box Blast Ace BT14

The Blast Ace Box for the Digimon card game is finally here! This highly anticipated set contains numerous new cards with which to enhance your deck and face new challenges. The cards in this pack have been designed to offer a greater variety of game strategies, allowing players to create unique and personalized decks capable of adapting to any situation. Additionally, Blast Ace also introduces new Digimon and characters from the popular Digimon anime series, giving fans the opportunity to add their favorite characters to their decks. The Blast Ace expansion pack is a must-have for all Digimon Card Game players, who will be able to expand their collections and improve their gaming strategies. Don't miss the opportunity to discover all the new features of this fantastic set!

The complete Digimon Box Blast Ace BT14 set contains:

Municipality: 40
Uncommon: 26
Rare: 22
Super rare: 14
Rare Secret: 2
104 types of cards

*Also includes cards with alternate designs and/or art for the card types mentioned above.

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