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Scarlatto e Violetto 151 - Set Speciale Pokèmon 151

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151! Celebrate Pokemon!

Scarlet and Violet Pokémon 151 has been officially revealed! It will be our European version of Pokemon Card 151, which releases today in Japan.

As we posted previously, products from the set will begin releasing on September 22nd.

Our 151 set will match the original Japanese set almost exactly. It will come with:

12 ex Pokémon
16 rare illustrations and seven rare Pokémon and Supporter cards with special illustrations
16 ultra-rare full-art etched Pokémon and Supporter cards
Three hyper rare cards engraved in gold

It appears that two of the Illustration Rares and one of the Special Illustration Rares have been cut. Snorlax, Mewtwo and the special rare Mew ex art have been turned into promotions for some of our UK products.

Scarlet and Purple: 151 Pokémon Center Elite Trainer Boxes

It will include:

11 scarlet and purple: 151 envelopes
1 holographic full-art promotional card of Snorlax with the Pokémon Center logo
1 holographic promotional card with full illustration of Snorlax
65 protective sachets
Various game accessories

Scarlet & Violet—151 Ultra-Premium Collection

Available October 6, 2023.


16 scarlet and purple: 151 envelopes
A metal card featuring the hyper rare Mew ex
A rare promotional card with special art featuring Mew ex
An illustration of a rare promotional card featuring Mewtwo
A mat with a stitched edge featuring Mew
A deck box
A coin featuring Mew
Various game accessories

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