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Pokemon Go TCG - Custom-made cars revealed!

Pokemon Go custom series revealed!

We can now reveal all 22 secret rares from the Pokemon GO set! It releases in Japan on June 17th and internationally on July 1st.

Except for the special art versions of Mewtwo V and Conkeldurr V, none of the Pokemon V in the set have the Pokemon GO logo. We're not sure of the logic behind this. It might be because V cards look tacky.

Or perhaps Creatures wants to defend their "brand" and not brand their cards with another game's logo. Or maybe they left it out so that if they reprint those Vs in a future set (like in VSTAR Universe), the reprints won't stand out for having the GO logo. Who knows?

Discover all the pre-orders for this fantastic Pokémon Go expansion now in the BaruZcard.it section of the website:

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