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Disney TCG: Lorcana, the new Disney TCG, arrives!

Lorcana, this is the name of Disney's new TCG

A new collectible card game hits the slopes to make Pokémon, Magic, Dragonball and Yu-Gi-oh tremble!

When we talk about collectible playing cards, Magic: The Gathering and Pokémo n. come to mind.

From 2023 Disney will also arrive to compete with these two giants! a family-friendly trading card game.

The first sets are scheduled for the second half of 2023.

The collectible game will include a “ modern storybook ” art style, said North American games manager Cassidy Werner .

Fans will be able to see the cards for the first time at the D23 trade show in Anaheim , California. The fan event will kick off on September 9th .

We just have to wait for more information. Will you buy this brand new TCG?

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