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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming in 2023!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been revealed! Here's the news

Our first Scarlet & Violet set will be released in English on March 31, 2023! Usually the set would be released a month earlier in February, but they are probably trying to make room for the special release of Crown Zenith in January.

Our English set will contain 198 cards before the secret rares. This means it will be a combination of the 156 Scarlet ex and Violet ex cards plus its three “Starter Set ex” decks.

For the first time ever, English cards will use the same silver borders used in Japan! According to TPCi, "This change brings the Pokemon TCG graphics into its originally intended edge and further unifies the game globally

A Trainer's subcategory (item, supporter, stadium) will be moved to the top left of the card to be more visible in players' hands. It is currently located at the top right of the Trainer cards.

The Energy name will now be present at the top of the card along with a new subtype tag for Energy. The Energy symbol currently present on Energy cards will now appear at the bottom right of the Energy cards. This change makes it clearer for each player the amount and type of Energy assigned to each Pokemon.

Set symbols will now be replaced by set codes, just like in Japan. The code includes the set (SV1) and the language (EN).

In an effort to continue to provide a positive experience and value to the Pokemon TCG, each Pokemon card pack will now contain three guaranteed foil booster cards – all cards with a Rare or higher rarity will now be foil.

Additionally, some products will come with additional items. For example, the Elite Trainer Box will include an additional booster pack and a promo card with full artwork.

The envelope artwork has also been revealed. Confirms that a Water-type Gyarados ex will appear in the expansion as a Terastalized card.

As previously published, Scarlet & Violet brings back the original Pokemon ex mechanics from the TCG, which ran from 2003 to 2007. Pokemon exes evolve from their normal pre-evolutions, unlike 2012's Pokemon-EX (uppercase), which they were always fully evolved Basic Pokemon.

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